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    Feeling stuck? Lacking energy? Seeking answers?

    Source Massage offers full-body, post-pregnancy & energy massage to get you back in the flow again.


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    Release, Relax, Unwind.


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    Revitalise your energy.

    Hi and welcome to my site! I am here for you because the demands on modern ladies, and mothers especially, are intense. 80% of women wish to lead a more relaxed, calm, healthy life... And there is no better way than through receiving a luxury massage!


    At Source Massage I offer full-body energy massage, post-pregnancy massage and marma energy massage from luxurious locations around the world. As of December 2019, I am in Palm Beach, Florida (I also massage in Jersey, Channel Islands and London UK). I also travel on prior arrangement.


    All of the carrier oils, essential oils and other products I use are certified organic and ethically produced. You can unwind, relax, and feel amazing during our time together - and enjoy the positive effects of your massage well into the future.


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  • Massage Styles

    You are free to choose from my four styles of massage here. Please contact me to reserve a convenient time.

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    Full Body Energy Massage

    Price: (Contact me)

    My signature massage: Full body, back, front, legs, arms & feet. This style of massage gets energy fully moving in your body. I work with your energy meridians to naturally increase the positive flow feeling throughout your body.
    Sessions last 1 hour.
    You will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for anything after experiencing this fantastic treat!

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    Welcome therapeutic relief for post-childbirth and other aspects. For ladies wishing to address stress-related issues, from childbirth or generally from the past, this healing modality works to release stored trauma, stress and strain from the body.

    Sessions last 2 hours.

    This modality is best experienced 3 months post-childbirth. For great relief, relaxation, and release.

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    Marma Energy & Full Body Massage

    A sacred form of massage that is energy based and highly rejuvenating.

    This massage applies pressure to specific parts of your back (and other areas) and unblocks your energy to achieve heightened flow, and awareness of your true capabilities - allowing you to fully embody your authentic feminine energy.

    Sessions last 2 hours.

    The ultimate experience for releasing, pure pleasure and relaxation!

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    Head Massage

    A releasing massage that unwinds one of the most blocked areas of your body.

    This style of head massage soothingly unwinds the tightest areas of your face, to create pure relaxation. We also use sound and release techniques to keep issues at bay!

    Sessions last 45 minutes.

    Many don't realise how much stress accumulates in the face and head.

  • What you seek is seeking you.

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  • My Story.

    Release, Relax, and Unwind.


    Hi and welcome to Source Massage! This is a space to experience your authentic self, connection, and trust. I feel very passionately about the art of energy, and using one's energy to achieve miraculous outcomes.


    After nearly 8 years working around the clock in London, UK, and another 8 years launching and running businesses in Palm Beach Florida, USA, I reconnected with my passion: Spiritual advancement, yoga, and I discovered the best ways to increase energy and feel great all the time (well, most of the time at least!).

    This led to my training as a massage therapist, after a year's patience and study of a very specialised technique, and which culminated in a successful exam in Rio, Brazil in 2018.

    As part of my study into how to gain great energy levels, I naturally and healthily reduced approximately 1/3rd of my body weight (which I evidently didn't need!) and I also teach how to do this because through personal experience I now know *exactly* what works.

    As part of my fascination in this area, and spiritually, I came to a deep level of awareness about what is happening when we start feeling pain and discomfort, or have suffered or are suffering through injury. As part of my massage service, I guide my clients through the unconscious workings of the body, physical tensions in the nervous system, and how "storing things" (from the past or through traumatic events such as childbirth - let's face it, it's a trauma 99% of the time!) can impact our emotional wellbeing and also affect our daily living and impact our futures.

    I believe wholly that the subconscious mind runs the show, and that only by healing the stored aspects, these embedded traumas, can repair and recovery truly commence. When you can address the root subconscious mind aspects that are holding you back or causing you harm, only then can you guide the process for the most effective response for healing.

    My massage therapy and techniques help create this process and put you in a state of deep relaxation and also bliss.

    I have extensive training in the following massage techniques:

    • Full-Body Energy Massage
    • Meridians & Marma Massage
    • Tantra Massage
    • Head Massage
    • Post-Pregnancy Massage

    I believe strongly that each massage should be tailored to your needs, on the specific day we meet. Just as no two bodies are alike, no two massage treatments are alike. My practice is most definitely not "for the masses", and neither do I take a "massage by numbers" approach. (In fact, I can really only accept clients who are already committed to a path of purification, of body, mind, and soul, and who are ready to create the solutions that they desire for themselves).

    My energy massage does involve the use of your natural energy in order to clear blockages and move energy in your body, to create a state of deep relaxation for the body and mind, and to help remove deeply stored issues that may still be affecting you... However, you can rest assured, this treatment is not about "creating more issues" through our interaction: I pride myself on my professional outlook, detachment, and caring approach to each client, so that you can relax and allow any issues caused by the stresses of the past to literally melt away.

    We discuss your bespoke individual requirements together at the start of each session, and then we allow this, your body, and my intuition to tell me exactly what is needed.

    You are free to choose from the four main styles of massage that I provide, and I thank you for taking the time to visit my site!


    I look forward to hearing from you soon - in the meantime why not connect with me to receive updates, specials and more!


    : Simon-Robert.


    Release, Relax, and Unwind.

  • Need a little more?

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Liisa Maimon, Somananda School.

    Our school's co-founder, Liisa, describes the healing benefits of energy massage and Tantra massage.


    Tantra massage combines an ancient understanding of pranic and sexual energy with physical massage, and works on moving this energy in a very wholesome way throughout the entire body. This allows you to explore your body and whatever energetic aspects arise, through that exploration. The Tantra massage process intentionally brings about an energetic activation and energetic healing effects which can unlock stored stress or accumulated blockages and uplift the body, mind and soul to higher levels.


    According to Tantra, everything is energy, and modern lifestyle is generally conducive to stressful energetic accumulations in the body. By incorporating the sexual energy into massage we have access to your most powerful creative energy, to assist you in experiencing great pleasure and also to assist in clearing trauma, blockages, or other 'stagnancy' you may be experiencing in life.


    Release, Relax, and Unwind

  • Testimonials

    Testimonial of Jasmine Michelle of Winnipeg, Canada:

    “I had the pleasure of working with Simon during a Tantra massage training together in Brazil early 2018. Given the vulnerable nature of this work I have been hesitant to work with male practitioners. I am grateful that I did and have yet to find another as present and sensitive as Simon. He gave me the space I needed to feel, and honoured completely my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’. It was a truly empowering embodied experience and he is a blessing to work with.”

    Testimonial of Brinea Costa of Rio de Janiero, Brazil:

    "I gave myself a chance to go thought the SourceMassage experience a few months ago and I do not regret. Simon is a sensitive person and has a gentle touch. I felt safe with him since the beginning, which made all the difference. I could relax, feel all the energy healing my body and I finally could let all the external world outside of my mind for a moment. It was an important and powerful experience for my spiritual path.
    Thank you for this opportunity, Simon."

    Testimonial of Laura of Milan, Italy:

    "Dear Simon, Receiving your massage I felt presence, a soft and loveable touch, pleasure to give, respect, and the desire to do something to help and support me. With gratitude"

    Testimonial of Anon of Jersey, CI:

    "This was a most wonderful experience. Simon has a serene, gentle, patient and empathic manner, he listens to your words and is very intuitive with how he develops the tantric massage, to the level at which you are comfortable, communicating with you sensitively on gradual progression. I was nervous at first and not sure quite what to expect but it was very profound and so releasing. Thank you again. Anon-Jersey."

    Testimonial of Lucy of London, UK:

    "I just want to say thank you again for another wonderful experience, it was just incredible. The sound of the rain and the trees made it even more so. I hope I wasn’t too ‘reactive’ and that I will be able to book again on the same basis :)))"

    For further Testimonials, view on my Instagram: